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Day 4: The Gift of Community!

December 12, 2012

12 Days - PIFG

Today’s 12 Days theme or gift is ‘community,’ something everyone knows a little something about. But did you know that belonging to a supportive community leads to a host of benefits, including safer communities, people becoming more politically engaged and experiencing a deeper sense of health and well-being? The Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council certainly thinks so, and believes that ‘connected communities are safer communities.’ In other words, the key to creating safer communities is to target one of the root causes of crime, social alienation. One way to solve the root causes of many crimes is to increase human interaction in your neighbourhood, or, to get to know your neighbours.

In the spirit of this advice, we’ve compiled a list of ten ways you can be a good neighbour. During the 12 days, I challenge you to try 3 of these ten items. It’s not hard and you might be surprised at how positive the results are. (more…)