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The end is just the beginning

August 27, 2010

So my ten-week contract at the Emergency Food Hamper Program expires today and, technically, I am supposed to write a “farewell article”. But I don’t see this as a farewell, but rather, I see the end as just the beginning.

First and foremost, I never liked goodbyes. I think the word has been misused by so many people. We shouldn’t say “goodbye” to anybody unless it’s on the day that we leave this world, because chances are, with modern technology, you are likely to see the other person again sometime in life. Thus, I prefer to say “see you all later” to everyone who works at the hamper program.

The past 10 weeks working at EFHP has been excitement, fulfillment, and a incredible learning process. I want to thank all of the staff members and volunteers from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank Matt C., Michele, Melissa, Raymond, Matt G., Nadir, Anton, Salvador, Allison and Lianna for all your help, friendship, work ethics, and warm personalities. (more…)