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You too, can retire by age 90!

June 7, 2012

Forget retiring by age 55, some people are looking to retire (in some cases for a second time) from their current line of work by age 90.  Can they do it?

I hope so!

How are they going to do it?  By adopting a time honoured way of working together and organizing: they’re going to form a union!  A union of food bank volunteers in fact.  Calling themselves the Freedom 90 Union (check them out by clicking here) they have a few simple demands.

First off, they want to be laid off!  They want the government to take urgent action to address income support programs like Ontario Works, and measures like the minimum wage, so that people can buy their food instead of having it given to them at an emergency food program. Second, they want to see the end before they reach age 90.  Action should be sooner rather than later.  Third, they joke, freeze or double our wages!  Since they are all volunteers, to them, it doesn’t matter.  They only want to see food banks close their doors, and the need for them to disappear into thin air.

Are they going to picket? Will they strike if their demands are not being met? (more…)