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Overview of the Lobby

November 9, 2010

Our lobby serves many different functions in a relatively small amount of space, when you consider how many people circulate through each day. Though most are here to pick up a hamper, some come to help a friend or family member by picking up their hamper, to look through clothing and other household items, to pick up bread and “extra” foods, or to gain some knowledge through the pamphlets and other information resources we have displayed. Whatever the reason is for people coming to our program we’ve definitely got lots to keep them occupied. (more…)


Fill a bag with more than food

October 1, 2010

Most people are reminded about the need to donate food during the holiday season, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, when the food bank typically holds their food drive campaigns. At this time of the year the paper food drive bags are often included with the local flyers that are distributed to each household. Volunteers may also take these bags door-to-door encouraging the community to donate non-perishable products that can be distributed through the many different hamper and meal programs providing food assistance in the region.

The Food bank kicked off their Thanksgiving Food Drive on September 27. During the food drives we’re often reminded over the next few days and weeks about the number of people who rely on our food donations for assistance throughout the year. Each food drive also sets a goal of how much food they predict they’ll need between drives to support the number of people in need. All non-perishable food donations are graciously appreciated and accepted, but there are certain items that are in more demand than others. Click here to find out which specific items are most in need. (more…)