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Volunteer Spotlight: Alanna

April 8, 2011

Introducing Alanna! Many of us have yet to get a chance to get to know a lot about Alanna, as she’s only been volunteering since the beginning of March. Alanna was introduced to our program to complete some volunteer hours, which are part of completing her degree. Alanna is one of the many volunteers that our program will provide an opportunity placement for this year. During her placement here we’ve given her a brief orientation of House of Friendship in general and more specifics to our program, but she’s learning more and more each day. However I’m not here to talk about us, so let’s get to know this new volunteer: (more…)


Volunteer Spotlight: Mike

April 8, 2011

Here is another one of our great team members: Mike. Mike has been on board with our program for the last two years and counting. In these two years he’s packed a lot of hampers and helped with odd jobs throughout the warehouse for a total of over 180 hours. I’ve enjoyed having a lot of interesting conversations with Mike over the last two years whether he’s working in the warehouse or taking a well-deserved break. But now I want to share a more formal conversation I had with him in a recent interview: (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Tracey

April 7, 2011

Recently Tracey celebrated her six month anniversary of volunteering, since she started in October. Over these months Tracy has volunteered for more than 50 hours!

Today I found Tracey unloading a skid of cabbage and lettuce, which is a change of pace from her regular role as a hamper packer. However Tracey comes to us with a great enthusiasm to help people, and doesn’t mind doing whatever task we have to accomplish from our to-do list. So today I asked Tracey to take a break so I could ask her a few questions to share with all of our lovely blog readers: (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Roy

April 6, 2011

Around here Roy is no stranger to our program, as he’s been volunteering since September of 2005. He’s often a quiet and hard-working volunteer, but today I got him to open up a little bit so we could boast about him a little bit. To start I can tell you that he’s provided us with over 625 hours of help during his time with us. And now onto more wonderful facts about this volunteer: (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Inder

April 5, 2011

January is a busy time of the year for our program, but we’re never too busy to accept volunteers! Inder is just one example of this, as he began volunteering here around mid-January. Currently he’s volunteered for approximately 60 hours! And what’s even better is that he’s recruited some of his friends to also volunteer here. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to spotlight some of the people he’s brought here, but in the mean time let’s focus on him: (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Zach

April 4, 2011

I’m here to share another fresh face in our volunteer pool: Zach. Zach began volunteering with us this year, in between searching for a job that will suit his interests after recently finishing his degree in Environment Engineering. Zach brings a lot of enthusiasm when he volunteers here by always being ready to pack a hamper, by lending a helping hand in the warehouse, or by getting to know other volunteers. So far it’s been great getting to casually chat with Zach in the break room, but today it’s his turn to shine in the spotlight. (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight – Rob

March 31, 2011

There are certain tasks that we can’t always find a volunteer for, like washing totes. Part of the reason for this is that it’s kind of a boring job since the equipment is in a corner that’s somewhat blocked off from the rest of the warehouse. However Rob actually looks forward to this task; in fact it’s often one of the first things he does after signing in.

For the last twelve months our program has had the privilege of working with Rob. Rob comes in whenever we think we’ll need an extra set of hands in the afternoon in the warehouse. (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce

March 30, 2011

Here we have a brief snap shot of one of the many loads Bruce often lugs around the warehouse for us. We’re fortunate to see Bruce come in to volunteer with us twice a week in the mornings. He’s a huge help in getting us ready for our morning rush to serve hampers when we open at eleven.

Bruce has been volunteering with us for since December of 2002 – that’s almost ten years! In these ten years he’s volunteered for approximately 1 800 hours! That’s a big commitment, which isn’t slowing down because he’s already volunteered more than fifty hours this year alone! So to honor his dedication over all these years we wanted to take this chance to show you a little bit more about this wonderful volunteer.

How did you hear about House of Friendship?

“When I started it was to come in with my son to help him get his high school community service hours. He’s been out of high school for quite a while, which means I’m probably coming up on my ten years now since I remember getting a five-year certificate for volunteering at an appreciation dinner a few years ago…I’ve seen a lot of people come and go here.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“Probably because it allows me to help others, which makes me feel good. This is a rewarding experience because I’m doing something that makes a difference for people in emergency situations. Also it helps that you’re able to meet a variety of people.”

How has volunteering made an impact in your life?

“It’s opened my eyes to the number of needy people in our community. I never imagined that a food hamper program would serve so many hampers each day. Also I’ve learned more about the many different branches of House of Friendship. This is a huge organization full of a lot of good programs.”

On average this year we’ve provided approximately 159 hampers each day that we’re open. However it’s important to note that some days we’ve distributed over 200 hampers, while a few other days we’ve barely hit 100.

To read more about the various programs within House of Friendship, click here.

What’s your favourite job at our program?

“That’s a tough question, but probably bagging mushrooms…There’s no particular reason for it though.”

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not volunteering here?

“I volunteer to help maintain an ice rink in Waterloo near my house throughout the winter. Also I help my neighbours by shoveling their driveways in the winter. But since that’s over, I’ll start helping some of my neighbours out by mowing their lawns. And I’ll keep busy with friends and family, and going hunting and fishing occasionally.”

Wow so not only is Bruce super-helpful at our program, he’s also an asset around his neighbourhood. And to quote him one final time, “if you’re thinking about volunteering, you should just do it. It’s amazing what you’ll learn.” Well said Bruce!

Volunteer Spotlight: Martin

March 18, 2011

Martin likes to keep his eye on the horizon, and we begin and end each week by knowing the latest from our friendly neighbourhood weather man. Martin faithfully comes in twice a week and always makes sure to pick up a paper, fold it to the weather section and to show the staff what’s in store for the week. Martin also wants to know if we think it’s a thumb up or thumbs down in our opinion (opinions are usually pretty mixed).

He works very hard at making sure things are ready and setup for several of our volunteers who do specialized tasks like recycling old food slips.  He always has a friendly word or a peice of trivia to share and we are all very proud to count Martin as a part of our extended family. He’s been coming here since June of 2001 – which is almost ten years! In all those years he’s volunteered for about 4000 hours! About 300 of those hours were done in last year (2010). (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight: Jon

March 10, 2011

Let me introduce you all to Jon. Jon has been packing hampers with our program for about the last four months. In the 40 hours he’s volunteered (approximately) he’s seen some of our busier days here, which will help him prepare for the busy days still to come! Either way Jon seems excited for the challenge of packing hampers each week that he’s here. So just before he left after a steady afternoon of packing hampers I sat down with him in our break room to learn more about him: (more…)