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Translating Deliveries

August 3, 2010

Today Mark, our volunteer driver, is delivering a box of food (shown above) to a single female who is 74 years old. There’s a good chance that Mark has probably done a delivery for this patron before, as he’s volunteered with our program for about seven of the eight years that she’s been supported by our delivery service. This senior began requesting hamper deliveries when her friends and neighbours were unable to continue supporting her with transportation to our program. In some cases this would force a patron to use public transportation, but in her elderly age she is barely able to carry a small bag of groceries home from the store, let alone the weight of a banana box-sized hamper. Therefore, this isolated senior depends on our programs resources because without us she would miss out on the food assistance she needs to supplement her limited resources. As a result every time she calls us, our staff and volunteers work to ensure there is a box of food packed and delivered to provide her with approximately one week’s worth of nutritious food per month, given that she is eligible for 12 hampers each year. (more…)