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Day 9: Share the gift of warmth

December 18, 2012

Snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures are coming soon. While for some of us this weather provides a mild inconvenience when we leave the comfort of our homes, for people with no fixed address or who are living on low income, the weather can be a serious challenge. Today is day 9 of the 12 Days for Good, and the theme is giving the gift of warmth. This could mean the warmth of having somewhere indoors to spend the night, the warmth that comes with being part of a community, or the warmth that comes from wearing a pair of handmade mittens.

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Out of the Cold

November 30, 2010

The onset of November welcomes visible change. Daylight sayings time is over, and with its conclusion comes earlier sunsets and what feels like much shorter days. The mornings are now frost covered and crisp, and I cannot make it to work on my bike without mittens. The weather is more and more winter-like everyday and for many people in our community, this creates challenges that are particular to this time of the year. (more…)