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Feeding our furry (or feathered!) friends

April 15, 2013

The other day I was browsing the ALIV(e) (Awareness of Low Income Voices) blog, and came across this post, where Teri-Lee talks about how much her cats mean to her. In her words, “my cats give me a reason to get up in the morning and a feeling of being needed and loved. They give me a reason to laugh. When I feel down and alone, my cats make me feel secure and worth the effort of being.” Her post made me think of my own pets and how important they are to me, and of all the people who come in for hampers and ask for cat food, dog food, or even bird food for their animal friends.

Georgie is a dog without a home. Adopt him from the Humane Society!

Georgie is a dog without a home. Adopt him from the Humane Society!

A few years ago Matt wrote this post about giving out pet food. Many people who come in for food for themselves also come for food for their pet, usually a cat or dog. In fact, in a typical month about 17% of people we serve ask for pet food, which is over 400 hampers. We give out pet food whenever we have it, and many people are thrilled to get some food to get their furry friend through the week. This is a great service, but sometimes I am asked questions like “why do people coming in for food have a pet when they can’t even feed themselves?”

This is an important question and one I’d like to answer in this blog post. Being able to care for a pet is more complicated than simply having money, and everyone deserves to have the companionship and health benefits that come with having a pet.


Sometimes you can have four legs and be food insecure

August 31, 2010

Many people are surprised that we distribute dog and cat food.  Pets are important members of the family too, providing comfort and companionship to many.  From time to time we get requests for different types of pet food (bird seed, Gerbil food etc.) but mostly it is dogs and cats that people are looking for help with.

Ninety nine times out of a hundred, the people looking for the dog or cat food are also looking for food for themselves and are both surprised and relieved that we can offer them food for their pets.  Thanks to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region we are able to receive most of what we need via their industry contacts and links to the provincial and national food distribution networks.  With a generous amount of help from our volunteers we bag it up for distribution to some of the many people who visit us each day.

Last week we noticed a newcomer to the program lurking around in the parking lot and nibbling away at the odd scrap of lettuce that had fallen from someone’s hamper.  When we approached, they ran away and hid.  Today, they were hiding in our garbage compound and with a little work from Raymond we managed to give them a hand.

Is this your pet?

Someones domestic rabbit, it seems, has escaped!  After unsuccessfully attempting to give it a scrap of carrot, we drove it up the street to the KW Humane Society where it will hopefully be reunited with its owner, or at least, find a new home.