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A solution is only 3 numbers away

June 24, 2011

What do you do if you are concerned about how much alcohol you drink each night, and your inability to stop? Who do you call if you have an eviction notice tacked to your door? What if you just lost your job and are unsure of how you’re going to pay the bills that are piling up?

Take Jay, as a hypothetical example. Against the better advice of his family and school counselors he didn’t finish high school because he wanted to start providing for his girl friend and their new son. Since the birth of his son, he’s had a few casual jobs on construction sites, and some service jobs here and there. In general Jay has worked very hard to keep food on the table. But today, after a series of bad decisions and a good measure of bad luck, he’s a single parent of a toddler with no job, no money and an empty fridge. So what does he do? (more…)