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Food and Community at Eby Village

October 27, 2010

As an intern for House of Friendship, I have the unique privilege of being a part of multiple House of Friendship programs, not just Emergency Food Hampers. This position affords me a glimpse into many facets of the whole organization, which, outside of orientation or HOF101, few employees get to see. In light of the conversation that framed this year’s annual staff retreat, the topic of food strikes me as another aspect of our continued connectedness as an organization.

For those of you who do not know or could not attend, the staff retreat is a once-a-year gathering of House of Friendship employees from all its programs. Hosted at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp, it is a one day ‘time-out’ that brings everyone together for a time of reflection, relaxation and fellowship. The theme of this year’s retreat was ‘HOF Connected’.

I commented in my first post that I was gaining a new awareness of the way that food unites us all; each of us requires food to lead healthy, happy lives. I am reaching the same conclusion about House of Friendship. The more time I spend in this role, the more I can see the diverse programs within this agency are also connected by food in some capacity.

In this post, I’d like to share what that looks like at Eby Village, one of House of Friendship’s affordable, supportive housing programs. Opened in 1990, this nine story apartment building provides permanent housing for sixty-four single adults. Though it falls under residential services, Eby Village is much more than a stable place to live. The tenants and staff transform what is otherwise only a building filled with individuals into a space of community and interdependence. Simply put, it feels like the home of one giant family. (more…)